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Things that you may or may not want to know about me:

Jenna Lodin

I adore ninjas. I wish I could be one. I also wish I could have a dragon and be named Daenerys Targaryan. They are legit desires. But I also understand slightly unrealistic. It's ok. 

My husband is the most amazing man in the world. He treats me like a queen every.single.day, is my biggest supporter, and I have no idea in the slightest what I would do without him. Plus, he's amazingly good looking and can snatch 245 pounds... I mean really... what more could I ask for?!

We have 2 cute pups named Leonidas and Maia. They are our little fur kids and we love them to death! 

I used to be a middle school teacher for 4 years. I LOVED teaching and poured everything I had into helping my students be successful and get excited about learning, but felt that I needed to make a change in my life when my husband said that I was a zombie at the end of the day when I came home because I was so exhausted. My husband also works for CrossFit HQ and travels almost every weekend, so we never got to each other. That was when I decided to transition into coaching CrossFit and starting this blog!

I am forever thankful to God for how much has blessed me with in life. His unconditional love and grace astounds me. Every day. 

Before meeting my husband, I made the most delicious italian sausage lasagne, fluffy chocolate chip cookies, and homemade cherry pies. Then I met him, fell madly in love , and learned he is gluten intolerant and any gluten would have him throwing up his life in a toilet for 48 hours. So the long process began of tearfully saying goodbye to my gluten filled, delicious (although now I realize severely unhealthy) recipes. I have learned so much from him in terms of what carbs, protein, and fats REALLY ARE. I started not just to make the foods that we eat "gluten free" (because making something gluten free DOES NOT make it magically healthy), but trying to make HEALTHY gluten free meals. Of course, I did need to some gluten free cheat night recipes, so don't worry, there's a little bit of "goodness that melts in your mouth" that I'll post too.

I feel it's very important to not only be aware of what we are putting on IN bodies, but also ON our bodies (your skin is the largest organ in your body and absorbs a large part of what is put on it into the blood stream). I recently became a consultant for Beautycounter, a company that is revolutionizing the skincare industry with safer, but still high performing products! Check out my post on why I chose Beautycounter and the research behind it! 

Jenna Lodin CrossFit

I LOVE being active! My husband and I CrossFit and it has truly changed my life in seeing fitness in a new way: actually enjoyable and fun! I used to run on treadmills and do ab twists with a medicine ball, but ditched that as soon as I found that you can do a 20 minute CrossFit workout and be in the best shape of your life! Ask my husband - I thrive on living efficiently... so this was a big deal. Plus, there is something completely invigorating and empowering about lifting weights, gaining confidence in movements (and life), and improving my fitness! 

I LOVE my job as a travel coordinator for CrossFit HQ. It is amazing and such an honor to be a part of a company that is bringing such radical change to the world in health and fitness.

Well, that's probably 20x more information than you wanted to know about me. You're MORE than welcome. 

The goal of this blog is to bring other people along in this amazing journey of life that we have, inspiring and providing you with the tools to live healthier and happier! I hope that you will find lot of laughter, healthy food recipes and tips on how to lead a healthier and more simple life, and inspiration to live each day to the fullest! 

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