Workouts of the Week 12/14-12/20

Workouts of the Week - Juggernaut Method Strength Programming - CrossFit |

New programming! Matt decided to start the Juggernaut Method, so I decided what the heck, I'll do it too! Some more consistency in my lifting is JUST what I need! I'm not sure if I really understood what I was agreeing to though haha... it's a LOT of lifting to fit into each day (ESPECIALLY  with trying to do CrossFit Workouts on top of it)! I found myself on some days just doing the lifting portion because I ran out of time! What I do love about the Juggernaut Method is that it starts off with a 5x10 at a moderate weight and then increases from there, really helping you create a strong base and work on form to be successful at the higher weights in the future. I'm SO excited to see my lifts go up because of this! 


REST DAY - Pretty typical... did a little active recovery with some yoga at home and cleaned the house (that counts as a workout right?!). 



5x10 Backsquat @ 95lbs

WOD: Not for time, just for technique - 3 rounds of 20 Hip extensions, 10 Toes through Rings, and 10 Seated Box Jumps from 12” to 24"


Strength: no strength today, just a long WOD... 

WOD: Brutal Workout! Rest 2 minutes between each movement: 

50 Hang Snatches @ 53lbs.

25 Toes to Bar.

50 burpee box jumps.

25 pull-ups 

My time - 25:03



5x10 Deadlifts @ 125lbs.

5x10 strict press @ 53lbs.

I would do 10 deadlifts (with a stop at the bottom, really forcing me to use good form and the right muscles instead of momentum) and then walk over to the bar and do 10 strict press for each of those 5 rounds. I thought the strict press would be NO PROBLEM, but at the end I was really feeling! 

WOD: I didn't really feel like doing a full on workout after that, so I decided to see if I could PR my 1000m Row... AND I DID! My new time is 4:28! Woot woot! 


Rest day! I needed it with this new programming we are doing! 



5x10 Front Squat @ 75lbs.

3x20 Hip Extensions 

5x10 Bench Press at 70lbs. (accidentally did 6 sets though haha) 

WOD: Didn't have time for a workout



5x5 Power Cleans @ 83lbs. (It was supposed to be a 5x3, but I was feeling strong, so did a 5x5)

6x2 Power Snatches @75lbs.

WOD: Wasn't feeling doing anything crazy, so went on a walk on the beach!  Gosh I love San Diego! 

Hope you all had great workouts this week! Let me know if you try any of these workouts are are starting a news strength programming! I love hearing about the fitness goals of my readers! 

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