Workouts of the Week 12/21-12/27

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I hope that all of you had a WONDERFUL Christmas! This week was a little hectic with family in town, but I still tried to get in the majority of the lifting I needed to do for the juggernaut programming along with some little CrossFit workouts on the side. I'm starting to feel stronger every week with this strength program and it's so exciting! 





3x10 Backsquat @ 103lbs.


3 Rounds of: 

30 split squats (15 each leg)

20 hip extensions. 


Strength: no strength today. I was really feeling it from the squats yesterday, so I just did some stretching and a quick workout


12 minute EMOM.

1st minute is 30 double unders, second minute is 15 wall balls (14lbs.)

Continued doing that through 12 minutes.

I also did a quick legless rope climb (15ft.) to finish it off. 

Wednesday & Thursday

Matt and I took these days off because we were busy with Christmas Festivities! 



3x10 Front Squats at 83lbs.

3x10 Bench Press at 78lbs. 

WOD: Just a super quick workout of

3 rounds:

12 pull-ups




3x10 Deadlift @ 138lbs. 


5 Rounds:

15 calorie row

15 box jump overs

15 med ball to shoulder (30b. med ball).

My time was 17:34. A little slower than I wanted, but I was proud that I didn't rest or stop at all! Just kept moving, which felt great. I always have to remind myself to try not to compare myself to other people, just see the improvement that I am making in myself! 

Hope you all were able to get in some workouts this week too! I know that it's hard over the holidays, but it feels SO good to stay on track. Let me know if you try any of these workouts or are starting a new strength programming. I love hearing about the fitness goals of my readers! 

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