Workouts of the Week 11/30-12/6

 Me and my partner Tara at the Garnet Gauntlet - My first CrossFit Competition! 

Me and my partner Tara at the Garnet Gauntlet - My first CrossFit Competition! 

Workouts of the Week for 11/30-12/6

Sunday - REST DAY - Did a little yoga at home - active recovery

Monday - BACKSQUAT DAY! Back squats are NOT what I'm confident in (give me Handstand pushups to do any day instead)! AND I just had knee surgery 2 months ago, so that doesn't help my confidence either since I had to start all over with low weights again, so my husband came up with the idea for me to do back squats every other day, high reps, high sets, low weight. AND... wait for it... I HAVE SEEN SO MUCH IMPROVEMENT! I can't emphasize how great squatting every other day has helped me in getting stronger! I mean, it makes sense, but once you do it and actually see the results, it's so exciting! After back squatting, Matt and I did the workout below together - definitely a "fun" one haha. No Seriously though, working out together is such a great activity to do with your significant other! 

Strength: Back squat - 8 Sets of 10 reps at 95lbs, then completed another set of 10 PAUSE back squats at 65lbs. as a "cool-down". 

WOD: 20 Minute EMOM (every minute on the minute) alternating. Row 20 calories on the rower in 1 minute and then complete 1 round of Cindy in the next (5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats). 

Tuesday - This was an AWESOME workout that CrossFit PB (now San Diego Athletics) did that day! 

Strength - 3x5 Strict Pull-ups

WOD - In 2 minutes, get as far as you can can through this list, then rest 2 minutes. Then go for 4 minutes, rest for 4, followed by 6 minutes and 8 minutes, 

Run 200m
12 Hang power cleans (75lbs)
24 Box jumps
18 Pull-ups
24 Wall-Balls
12 Muscle-ups

Wednesday - Power snatches were fine, wasn't feeling super strong that day though so I scaled it down a little. For the WOD the overhead squats were also ok, but the Toes to Bar KILLED ME! I guess it was a really good indicator that I need to be doing a couple sets of extra toes to bar each day! Grrr. Yea THAT sounds like fun... 

Strength: Power Snatches - 4-4-2-2 @ 63, 73, 83, 88 lbs. 

WOD: 5 Rounds of 5 Overhead Squats (75lbs.) and 10 Toes To Bar

Thursday - Took a mini rest day and just did some rowing for some active recovery. 

Friday - So our gym was having a huge in house competition called the Garnet Gauntlet that Saturday. I've always wanted to compete (for fun), but just had my 3rd knee surgery 2 months ago, so decided I'd have to wait until the next one. When I went in to workout at the 4pm class, one of our other coaches mentioned that someone didn't have partner for the competition and asked if I wanted to do it, so I responded with "sure?". I suddenly realized that I had just signed myself up for a 4 workout CrossFit Competition for the next day and my first thought was, oh shoot, I have to eat really good tonight now haha. My second thought was, I should probably take a look at the movements/workout and practice some. Here's what I did: 

1) Work up to a heavy 2 rep overhead squat. I hit 115lbs. for 2 (super exciting). 

2) Practiced Butterfly pull-ups and partner wall-balls with my awesome teammate Tara. 

3) Nothing else. I mean, I had to do 4 workouts the next day... let's take it easy! 

Saturday - The Garnet Gauntlet! Here are the 4 partner workouts I did! 

WOD 1) Helen - Each partner sprints 200m then both of you come in and each person does 21 kettle bell swings (35lbs.) and 12 pull-ups (kipping). Repeat that again 2 more times. 

WOD 2) Overheat Squat & Partner Wall Balls - We had 8 minutes to hit our 2 rep max overhead squat and then use the remaining time for completing as many partner wall balls as possible. 

WOD 3) Floater Wod - We had to push a sled with 90lbs. on it 50m and then our partner pushed it back. Um, a lot more difficult than I thought it would be! 

WOD 4) Chipper - We had 13 minutes to do 100 double unders, 50 cleans (65lbs.), 40 burpees, 30 snatches (65lbs.), and then max wall climbs in the remaining time. 

You know how usually you get sore the next day after a crazy workout? Yea, I started feeling these 4 workouts about 1 hour after we finished all of them haha! 

What was your favorite workout that you did this last/this week? 

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